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Why Move To Quebec? Here’s 8 Amazing Reasons!

This week our Immigration Experts at CanadaLoves wanted me to tell you about the fantastic Canadian Province, Quebec. It is the largest Canadian Province, by far, taking up more than three times the area of France or Texas. It was first established as a French Colony in 1763, and has surprisingly held its French-language unto today:

Mark Hachem was born and raised in Quebec. Like many Québécois, Mark speaks both English and French (Canadian). This Lebanese-Canadian was so in love with the culture, he decided to make a video that quickly won the internet.

Now I’m a pro at speaking like a French-Canadian! Thanks to @CanadaLoves Aweille!
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1. Fun Culture

Quebec is a unique province due to the fact that it is the only North American region with a French-speaking majority. 95% of all residents speak French and 79% list French as their mother tongue.

Some have described the province to be a crossroads between America and Europe. You will, no doubt, enjoy the arts, nightlife and great food that make this European- American-twist fun and invigorating.

The City of Montreal, for example, has a drinking age of 18, and is home to some of the best nightclubs in the world – with bars closing at 3 in the morning.

Montreal, Quebec is also the birthplace of the famous traveling act “Cirque Du Soleil.”

2. Great Place To Raise The Little Ones

Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, Quebec is rated the best place to raise your kids in Canada. The city has a national park right in its backyard, not to mention 8 FREE local day camps, paid for by the city.

This is not uncommon for Quebec, as most of the province is covered in green, with recreational parks located at every turn.

Not only is Quebec a great place to bring up your family, it is also affordable. In Saint-Bruno, unemployment sits below 3% with the average income reaching $100,000. Homes are also reasonable reaching an average of $433,000.

Not sure about where you want to live in Canada? Here’s 8 reasons why Quebec should be #1 on your list! via @CanadaLoves
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3. World Famous Festivals

Quebec Summer Festival – Festival d’Ete de Quebec hosts both indoor and outdoor performances for 11 days in Quebec City. More than 1 million people gather for unforgettable music performances of all genres (rock, pop, reggae, electronic, blues, folk, and classical). The festival is held every year during the first week of July.

Just For Laughs Festival – Again, no surprise, the largest stand-up comedy festival in the world. Comedians from every nation come to Montreal, Quebec in the month of July for a total of 600 comedic acts. The festival launched to stardom great names such as Ray Romano, Tim Allen, John Stewart, and Jerry Seinfeld, just to name a few.

Montreal Jazz Festival – Also known to the world as “Jazzfest,” the Festival International de Jazz de Montreal is the largest jazz festival on Earth. Some 500 concerts are played all over the city for a span of 11 days.

4. Go Habs! Great Hockey Team

If you live in Quebec, congratulations! You’ve just been entered into the most contagious and exciting fan base the world has ever seen.

The Montreal Canadiens are a professional ice hockey team, also known to their beloved followers as the “Habs,” short for “Les Habitants.”

The Canadiens have won more championships than any other team in the National Hockey league and are one of the original 6 professional hockey teams. The hockey club dates back to 1909. Wow! There’s some history for ya!

5. The Rent Is Cheap!

If you are more of a city mouse and enjoy the urban lifestyle, living in Montreal or Quebec City is very reasonable.

How reasonable?

If you wanted your own swanky 3 bedrooms 1 bath pad in Montreal you’re looking at a cost of around $900 per month.

But you can do even better than that!

In general, the average price range for a downtown Quebec apartment could range from $300-$800. This is of course based on the neighborhood you choose and the locations relevant to transportation or famous landmarks.

Note: If you do happen to come to Canada without a car and need to get around, the cost of a Montreal Metro and Bus pass will cost as low as $82 a month.

6. Safety First!

A huge benefit of Canada immigration and living in Quebec is that you will have the complete comfort of knowing you are living in one of the safest places in the world. In 2016 Montreal was rated one of the safest cities in the world after a total of 0 murders were recorded.

In fact, the Montreal Police Force is so good they got their own cable television show called “19-2.”

The Police in #Quebec are so cool, they get their own TV show! #19two

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7. Breathtakingly Beautiful

Tadoussac Whale Watching

The small village of Tadoussac is best known for its whale watching adventures. Because the city is located exactly where the Saint Lawrence River meets the Saguenay River – Whales have found a relaxing pit stop to come make an appearance.

Château Frontenac

A picture simply doesn’t do this Giant Castle (now a hotel) enough justice. You’ll have to go visit it in Quebec City. It was originally built in 1893 and little work has been done to keep the building looking just as it did centuries ago.

Montreal Street Art AKA graffiti

Most cities see graffiti as a violation of city code or simply put “Vandalism.”

Not Montreal!

Montreal has time and time again welcomed street artists to express themselves throughout the city. What you get is a beautiful urban environment covered in color and personality.

8. Poutine Is Everywhere!

Not to be confused with the bear wrestling, no shirt wearing, leader of Russia. But the amazing street food that Quebec calls their national dish.

Some say it was created right here in Quebec around 1950 – many restaurants in the center of Quebec claim to be the original creator but we’ll leave the fighting to the experts.

Poutine is made with French fries, cheese curds, and light brown chicken gravy. and is the #8 reason you should move to Quebec!

Poutine festivals are held year round all over Canada due to the love affair Canadians have with this comfort food. Until you try it, you’ll just have to trust us when we say it’s DE-LI-CIOUS.

In #Quebec Canada, #Poutine is King??#CanadaLoves

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Randy Travis (Blogger for CanadaLoves)

I'm a true lover of hockey, maple syrup, and the outdoors. I enjoy helping others find out more about my home and native land :)


Jon Delray

Quebec looks awesome! How did I not know about this? Good thing I havn’t chosen a province yet 😉


    Randy Travis (Blogger for CanadaLoves)

    You should always do your research. I’m glad you read this article in time. I think you will find a great life there. Good luck!


Delicia Clayton

I’m a single parent with a 15 year old son and would really want to immigrate to Canada.

What do i do?
Where do i start?
Do i need a huge capital because I’m just an ordinary person that want to make a change in my sons life!
Can you put me on the right track please?
Kind regards and many thanks


    Randy Travis (Blogger for CanadaLoves)

    Hi Delicia,

    What a beautiful message. I’m so glad that you are thinking about your son. To answer your question, you don’t have to be a millionaire to immigrate to Canada. However, the government does want to see that you have money in the bank and that you will be able to support your family once you arrive in Canada. As part of the immigration process, you will need to supply proof of income/pay stubs and a current bank statement. Hope this answers your question! Good luck 🙂



Salve sono il vostro cliente ho già fatto la richiesta per la domanda lavoro, casa, e visto
la domanda per la richiesta per entrare in Canada è stata accettata poi mi anno mandato la lista dei programmi
che io devo scegliere quale programma aderisco conosco bene il vostro collega che si chiama Giovanni Rossi e l’altro
collega si chiama Enrico Ferrero sono stati molto gentili a spiegarmi il programma come funziona. L’unico problema
non ci sono soldi per finanziare il programma che ho scelto Premium Parcel che consiste per trovare lavoro, casa, e visto.
Chiedevo se poteva il datore di lavoro che è interessato a me per aiutarmi a finanziare il programma che ho scelto.
Fatemi sapere se c’è qualche possibilità.


    Violet Mitchell

    Ciao! Mi scuso per il ritardo.
    Ho chiesto a Enrico di contattarti non appena sarà disponibile.


Ishtiaq Anwar


I am 33 old and I want a visa to Canada.


    Randy Travis (Blogger for CanadaLoves)

    Wonderful 🙂
    You are definitely coming to the right place. Reading these articles can help you in your immigration process. Learn as much as you can! Good luck


Ramesh Babu

Hi I am 45 years old with family of wife and two kids. I would love to migrate to Canada with my family. My net worth is about 1.5 Million Canadian dollars and having 21 years experience in pharmaceutical Industry in Senior manager’s position.

Can you please guide me please.


Chiranjibi Guragain

I m 32 yrs old having master degree in business study. I hv a son of 8 yrs and wife having bachelors of nursing with age 30. I hv no ielts but my wife has ielts score 5.5 aggregate. Is ghere any possibllity to go in Quebec?



Hi sir my name akbar Beary from India iam working in Japan now 57 year old i have a diploma in horticultur from Auckland Newzealand i want to come Canada



Add a Comment*…Hi
What do I need or what should I do to start the whole process?
I always wanted to go to Canada.


Lovely Civil

I want to get Canadian visa tourist what i did I do to apply to get it?


    Randy Travis (Blogger for CanadaLoves)

    For a visitors Visa, you should follow the steps we have outlined on our website.


Ferenc Jozsef Todor

Hello canada


    Randy Travis (Blogger for CanadaLoves)

    Hi Ferenc!



945525 915569A person essentially help to make seriously articles I would state. This is the first time I frequented your website page and thus far? I surprised with the research you made to make this particular publish incredible. Fantastic job! 746376


    Violet Mitchell

    Thank you. It’s always nice to get positive feedback 🙂


Thyra Rutter

Thank you so much! This is fantastic! My husband and I are headed to Quebec City for 1 year so that I can pursue my dream of mastering French (my current French is pretty mal). We are excited to learn more about this province that is my FAVORITE in Canada. Currently we are applying to programs and will be looking to get a temporary work permit (I am an artist and we also do craft fairs, the booking service we use conveniently lists fairs in Quebec, so that is our plan for later in the year). There is a LOT to take care of making a move like this, but we are excited but still in the very early stages- permits, visas, school applications, dog passports, so much needs to be considered. Any tips, suggestions– (like where to walk our doggies in winter) will be appreciated. Merci, for this informative page.. your enthusiasm is infectious! Cheers, Merci!


    Violet Mitchell

    Aww what a lovely idea – studying French in Quebec. My French isn’t great either (shhh don’t tell anyone 😉 )
    I don’t know where you’re moving from, but if you want to bring doggies with you, you should look into animal “immigration” regulations (though maybe you already have, I don’t know).
    As for where to walk the doggies – Quebec is pretty large and FILLED with gorgeous natural areas. Your doggies will love it!
    I’m lucky, I just have kitties so no walks needed. Once you know where you’ll be living in Quebec, you can check Facebook for groups of locals from that area and get lots of tips from them. I know they’ll be happy to help.

    It sounds like you know what you’re doing and you’re doing everything right, so you don’t need me to wish you luck. I’ll just wish you the easiest move possible, and give the doggies a nice chew rope from me 😛


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